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BetonQuest is an advanced and powerful quest plugin. It offers RPG-style conversations with NPCs and a very flexible quest system. The multi-path conversations can be displayed in many ways ranging from basic clickable chat output, to all-new technologies. BetonQuest is not limited to simple, repetitive quests but can also power highly flexible quests that have never been seen before. This is made possible by support for more than 20 other plugins such as Citizens, Heroes, JobsReborn, Magic, McMMO and MythicMobs. You can also interact with other quest plugins such as "Quests" to maintain compatibility with existing Quests on your server.

However, BetonQuest is not made for intense scripting! You can write player based scripts with BetonQuest but we support hooking into Denizen and Skript for a reason! These plugins allow for far more comfortable (server) scripting!

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